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Ag Hill Dean's Society

The Ag Hill Dean’s Society consists of loyal alumni and friends who support the College of Agriculture with annual unrestricted charitable gifts. These contributions provide the college with the vital resources needed to enhance academic programs, technology, and resources that are vital in today’s educational climate; support student scholarships; create funding to attract world-class faculty; increase hands-on learning experiences and study opportunities; and allow the dean to direct annual support to the area in which funding is most needed.

Recognition Milestones:
Associate: $500 annually- reserved for alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years
Foundation: $1,000 annually
Heritage: $2,500 annually- a minimum of $1,000 must be designated to the Ag Hill Dean’s Society Fund while the remaining balance may be earmarked for a specific department or program within the college.

Society Contact: Jaden Brown
(334) 844-1475