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Dean’s Club

The growth of the College of Liberal Arts requires donor support. Alumni and friends shape the college, and as a member of the Dean’s Club, donors make a significant difference. Members continuously improve the college by increasing the opportunities available to students within the College of Liberal Arts. Dean’s Club funds help to provide much-needed scholarships for deserving students. Member contributions enable the college to continue its pursuit of excellence and express confidence in the college’s mission to provide Liberal Arts students a strong foundation for life.

Recognition Milestones:
Associate Level: $500 annually, for alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years
Circle Level: $1,000 annually
Pyramid Level: $2,500 annually
Summit Level: $5,000 annually, including a minimum of $2,500 designated to the Dean’s Unrestricted Fund

Society Contact: Allyson Dozier
(334) 844-1403