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Keystone Donors

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is privileged to have a group of supporters who share its vision for exceptional engineering instruction, hands-on experience, and an environment conducive to the discovery of new technology and innovation. These are our Engineering Keystone donors. They provide support critical to the college’s ongoing success and are willing to rise to the challenge of moving the college boldly into the future.

Keystone members make the highest commitment to annual giving — $50,000 or more to the college’s unrestricted fund over five years. The flexibility of unrestricted funds enables Auburn Engineering to pursue on-the-horizon opportunities and react quickly to new challenges in higher education. These valuable resources enable the college to sustain creative programs and departments in which students and faculty thrive.

Recognition Milestone:
Member: $50,000 within a 5 year period

Society Contact: Margaret Arnold
(334) 844-7742