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When I reflect on the Auburn Family, I am reminded of our drive toward excellence‚ our commitment to our students and future generations‚ and our dedication to making a difference in this world.

We have a lot to be proud of at Auburn and even more to be excited about in the future.

Many who have come before us have left a lasting mark on our university —­ people like George Petrie, Ralph B. Draughon, and Katharine Cooper Cater.

But we are a new generation of the Auburn Family, and we now have the opportunity to create our own legacies.

Through my nearly 30 years at Auburn, I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous impact that our donors’ philanthropy has had on our ability to create exceptional experiences for our students and to provide much needed financial support to our faculty and our campus.

And we’ve only been able to do these things because of the generosity of our alumni and our donors, including some carefully planned gifts that have been absolute differentiators for Auburn.

These gifts, made through wills and other methods, allow us to build on our successes and dream the biggest dreams for our future.

I’ve seen it as a department head, as the dean of a college, and now as our university president.

These gifts change lives every day.

So for those of you have already created a carefully planned gift, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for creating something meaningful at Auburn.

And for those of you who are thinking about it, I’d like to express my appreciation and encourage you to begin a conversation with our gift planning team.

We have really important things to invest in here at Auburn, and creating your own legacy through a carefully planned gift strengthens the fabric of who we are.

War Eagle!

For more information about making a planned gift, contact or 334-844-7375.